Andrew Large, Partner SPP

Founded SPP in 2008.

Current activities include Senior Advisor to Oliver Wyman; Chairman of the Advisory Council, INSEAD; Chairman of the Board Risk Committee of Axis, Bermuda; Senior Adviser to Hedge Fund Standards Board.

Deputy Governor of the Bank of England (2002 - 2006).

Deputy Chairman of Barclays Group (1998 - 2002). During his period at Barclays, Andrew was also Chairman of Euroclear in Brussels.  Concurrently he served on the Managing Director of the IMF’s Capital Markets Consultative Group (1999-2002), and chaired for the Group of 30 a global report into strengthening the global  financial infrastructure in clearing and settlement.

Chairman of the UK’s supervisory authority, the Securities and Investments Board, which was the precursor of the FSA (1992 - 1997)