Roundtable Bulletins:

The Predicament of Bloated Central Bank Balance Sheets

Ukraine: Challenges for Central Banks

Digital Money & Central Banks

Climate Change and the Role for Central Banks

Whither Inflation?

Covid & Central Banks

Low for Longer

Digital Currencies: Stable coin or CBDCs

The Overmighty Central Bank

Digital Currencies and Central Banks

The G20’s Programme to End Too Big to Fail: A Digest of Views (2/18)

Trust and Central Banks

Geopolitics and Financial Stability

Financial Stability Governance: Some Present Issues

Other Publications

Access to the following publications by clicking on the relevant title:

The Future of the City Sir Andrew Large in the FT (3/21)  

The Covid Crisis, Central Banks and the Future (3/21)  

Report Relating to the Revision of the Riksbank Act (2/19) 

Financial Stability Governance Today: A Job Half Done Sir Andrew Large, Group of Thirty (9/15) 

Designing a Financial Stability Architecture for a Regionally Integrated Financial Space: The European Experience Gregor Heinrich (3/15) 

Independence of the Financial Policy Committee – evidence for inquiry by the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, Gavin Bingham (9/13) 

A Framework for Financial Stability in Iceland Report for Iceland’s Ministers of Finance and Industry by the Group of Three (Gavin Bingham, Jon Sigurdsson, Kaaarlo Jannari) (10/12) 

Symmetry: Should Macroprudential Authorities be required to stimulate credit and growth as well as to prevent crises? Some reflections for debate by Sir Andrew Large (5/12) 

The Regulation of Financial Services – Written evidence for the joint House of Commons/House of Lords Committee on the Financial Services Bill by Gavin Bingham (10/11) 

Macroprudential Policy: Addressing the things we don’t know by Alastair Clark and Sir Andrew Large published by the Group of Thirty (9/11) 

Central Banks must be debt watchdogs by Sir Andrew Large published in the Financial Times with editorial (1/09)