SPP Convenes Semi-Annual Meetings of Eminent Central Bankers and Public Policy Officials to Discuss Key Issues in the Fields of Money, Finance and Economics.

Recent topics have included

    • Digital Money & Central Banks
    • Whither Inflation
    • Central Banking post Covid
    • Low for Longer
    • Digital Currencies:
    • Stable coin or CBDC’s
    • The Overmighty Central bank
    • Digital Currencies and Central Banks
    • Too Big to Fail?
    • Trust and Central Banks
    • Geopolitics and Financial Stability
    • Governance of Financial Stability
    • Ukraine: Challenges for Central Banks
    • Climate Change and the Role for Central Banks

Participation is by invitation. Participants have included Vitor Constancio, Charles Goodhart, Stefan Ingves, Jacques de Larosière, Erkki Liikanen, Donald Kohn, Guillermo Ortiz, His Highness Mohammed Sanusi II, Andrew Sheng, Masaaki Shirakawa, Sir Paul Tucker, Sir David Walker and Dr Zeti Aziz. The discussions are moderated by Dr Gavin Bingham and Sir Andrew Large.

The themes considered at Roundtable discussions are distilled in a Bulletin and made available to participants and interested parties. The Bulletins seek to provide a balanced discussion of the issues addressed during the Roundtable but in no way purport to reflect the views of any or all of the participants.

Bulletins can be found here.