Topics and themes

Our Work Spans the Full Range of Financial Stability and Governance Issues

SPP has given Advice to Numerous Authorities Around the World on Issues such as:

  • Design and operationalisation of comprehensive financial stability frameworks
  • Relationship of central banks with ministries of finance
  • Relationship of central banks with supervisory authorities
  • Relationship of central banks with conduct authorities
  • Challenges for central banks as mandated policy functions accrete
  • Macroprudential policy regimes and delivery of policy
  • Supervisory and regulatory arrangements
  • Relationship of micro prudential and macroprudential activities
  • Creation of processes and frameworks for crisis prevention, management and resolution preparation
  • Processes for resolution and crisis handling
  • Challenges of digitalisation, including digital CBDCs and private stablecoins
  • Review of current and/or potential legislation plus advice on constructing a model law to underpin stability
  • Response to a rapidly changing environment with the digital revolution, and the need to combat climate change